Sometime entering the water is just as fun as the dive itself! Come to Bonaire with us to try this dive site out.

Surface interval at "Conch Pier" in Cozumel, Mexico. There is always a little time between dives and this is what it looks like. If you are ever here look around for our logo on some T-shirts you will probably see one.

Why do we go to Cozumel so much? Becuase the diving there is awesome. We hope to see you on a BRO-trip with us. Divers of all experience levels go with us at least twice a year to this location.

Why are we SCUBAPRO Platinum? SCUBAPRO is the best. They have all gear needs covered. When you dive SCUBAPRO equipment you know that your gear will work flawlessly at any depth even in the most adverse conditions. Check out this video about their regulators.

Having trouble moving through the water smoothly? Check out our instructor Stevie cruising along with her seawing nova fins. Keep those knees straight and kick from your hips if you are trying to cover some ground.

Why do we think SCUBAPRO is best hands down? Their regulators are bulletproof. Check this video out to see a MK2 take a .45 bullet and soldier on.