Underwater Search & Recovery

Odd Jobs & Pool Cleaning

BCD and Drysuit service

'$100.00 for the first hour to unload, gear up, and survey area.


$100 to $200.00 an hour after first hour.


First 100 miles on us, 25 cents a mile after that. 


No Job too Big or Too small.


If it's underwater and not supposed to be... we will get it out.

Holes and leaks annoying you on your dives? Bring them on by and we will give you a price quote. We do excellent work.

Here at ScubaBros we can fill just about any compressed air cylinder used for scuba diving, breathing equipment, or for air rifles/paintball. 


Compressed air fill $10.00 up to 3,000 PSI

Compressed air fill $15.00 up to 4,500 PSI


Nitrox up to 40% $15.00

Regulator Service

Cylinder Service

Annual Service $35.00 per stage plus parts, if regulator is no longer covered by factory parts programs.

General Inspection of regulator set to test for proper functioning is $25.00

Remember most scuba manufactures require regulators to be completely broken down, cleaned and rebuilt every 1 to 3 years depending on brand. We have been rebuilding regs for over 15 years.

We are the best option for anything Scubapro hands down! Come by and see why.

Tank Inspections - (We carry current visual cylinder inspector certifications and are trained by PSI)


Annual Inspection $25.00 (includes air fill)

5 year hydro test $60.00 (includes air fill and annual inspection) Turn around time is usually 4-6 weeks. Expedite your hydro for an additional $25.

Cleaning of air cylinder to use Nitrox up to 40%    $30.00

Air Fills

Call us and tell us what you need! We do all sorts of underwater handy work.

Previous jobs:

De-winterizing pools

Lost go-pros

Lost rings

Submerged crane rigging

Golf course irrigation system repair

Water Ski course repair

tree removal

prop replacement

underwater mapping

boat dock placement ... and many more