The PADI Advanced Open Water Class consists of Five PADI Adventure Dives + Knowledge Development. 


     Our Advanced Class is taught at local lakes, the Blue Hole in NM, and our private training site. 

We also teach Advanced Class when we are on trips to offer students the option of achieving Advanced Open Water by the time a dive trip has come to an end. We require proof of ten dives before enrollment and a confined water skills check out before open water as per PADI standards. Students are required to provide basic dive equipment.


Our most popluar Adventure Dives for Advanced Class: (*mandatory)


             Deep*                                          Nitrox                                     Dry Suit

             Navigation*                                Night Dive                              Underwater Photography

  Peak Performance Buoyancy             Wreck                                      Search and Recovery
PADI advanced open water class pricing:
Individual PADI adventure dives - $65 (great way to pay as you go/ continue education)
Full certification with PADI materials, confined water skills review (IF REQUIRED), gear, and five open water adventure dives - $385
Private advanced open water class up to 4 divers  - $1425 - Each additional diver - $300 extra per person
****$1425 with a group of 4 divers is less expensive per person than standard class, bring your friends!****
One weekend advanced course on select weekends - $450 *overnight trip out of town minimum of 2 divers*









Advanced Open Water BRO-Vantages: 


Most major equipment provided for class.

Five unique diving adventures. Deep diver and navigation are mandatorty. We will teach you how to go deep and know where you are. The other 3 dives are your choice!

Divers are able to complete the course in one weekend. Usually offered once a month but we are willing to do private training.  

Like all of our classes, this is performance-oriented not time-based. If you don't get it the first try, come back and practice. Then try it again for no additional fee. 

We offer this class year round - even during the winter. 

Learn from real divers.  We spend a lot of time using our underwater skills and want to teach all of our advanced students to truly  become an advanced diver. We may not be the easiest, but your advanced certification will be well worth your time and money.


Underwater Naviagator 

Deep Diver

Wreck Diver 

Night Diver