Hands down the most awesome shop in town

Dyn-o-mite indoor and outdoor pools

Primo dive courses that put the competition to shame

Incredible first rate dive travel

Monster selection of top notch dive gear

PADI 5 star facility

Boss private open water training lake

Practice time for students on the house

Energetic real deal dive instructors


Scuba Instructor and Instructor Trainer for PADI and DAN first aid courses.  For me, it is rewarding to enable people to become certified divers – especially when they weren’t sure that they could really do this.  Diving in the ocean exposes you to a different and exciting world;  I can guarantee that you won’t be thinking about work, school, or anything else above the surface when you are diving.  And if you want to do your four open water dives in Hawaii, I’m your man on Maui (think of it as ScubaBros – West)!

Ron Karash


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Onsite Pools

We are located next to the Lighthouse Sports facility. The Lighthouse has 3 onsite pools indoor and outdoor, that we have exclusive access to. This allows us to teach year round and offer flexible class schedules and complimentary dive practice. Don't settle for driving all over town for pool use, we already have it. 

Private Training Site

We built our training lake in 2002 and thousands of divers have completed their training there.  Why drive two and a half hours to lake Tenkiller to complete your checkout dives, where you end up spending more money on travel and hotel? At our shop, check out dives are only 30 minutes away and absolutely no additional charge.

Gear Service/ Air Fills/ Under Water Services 

If you have scuba gear that needs service, we are the guys to see (regs/ BCDs/ computers/ etc). We can fill most types of compressed cylinders, including nitrox mixtures. We handle fills, VIPs, and hydorstatic testing (we have certified cylinder inspectors in shop). We also do underwater service jobs. For example, if you lose a Rolex or sink your boat, we can help. Call us for a quote.

Here at ScubaBros we pride ourselves on only selling quality dive gear that we would actually use in real diving conditions. We will not recommend any gear that we have not tried out and tested. We will help select gear that is right for you. Anyone shopping with us may exchange equipment until they are completely satisfied with their purchase.  We have over 20,000 sqft of showroom and training space.

ScubaBros & Brostaff

Michael Cody

Owner, operator, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, equipment technician, equipment tester/advisor. I have been around the dive industry most of my life. I started diving at a very young age, and spent summers working in my dad's shop when I was a teenager. After college, it became my full time job when my brother and I founded ScubaBros. Diving has always been a blast and now I have even more fun teaching it and going on trips with our customers. If you are ready for something new and cool GO DIVE. 

Zach Cody

Owner, operator, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, trip liaison, equipment tec, and equipment tester. Basically what Mike said, plus, diving is an honest passion of mine. If you asked me what I enjoy doing on my days off I would say, "diving." I get a kick out of teaching and giving people the ability to enjoy something that has been such a big part of my life. When it comes down to it, I take instructing divers very seriously. I have always enjoyed the adventure that is diving.


Allen Zachery

Basically, one day I was studying to be a rocket scientist when I saw in the classifieds "female dive instructors wanted," I called the shop and got the job. So I put down my lab coat and traded it for some dive gear. In all seriousness, I started diving with Mike and Zach, and kept going with it. I got my PADI instructor rating in 2015. Diving has allowed me to see really cool things and travel to some of the most beautiful places.

Stevie Armstrong

I am one of the original students of Mike and Zach. When I took class back in 2011, I worked at a major furniture retailer and had a buzz cut. After my first dive trip, I came back, put in my two weeks notice and started working for the ScubaBros. During this time I worked towards my PADI instructor rating and have been diving and instructing ever since.

Hope Maizland

I was also an early student of the Bros. Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Shark Conservationist, you can catch me playing with sharks in Florida and Fiji or chilling with stingrays in the Cayman islands when I'm not teaching Bro courses.